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  • Dmitry

    I had to delete “httpfe” directory in the profile. Nothing else helped. 

  • Sarang Ghamandi

    Go to System ==> admin ==>System monitor ==> seach for skype ,right click on skype and say kill process ..It will work

  • Anonymous

    You should probably mention what desktop environment this applies to. I have no such menus in awesome.

  • lkraav

    Well I’ve been doing this for a while :> Anyway, glad to know you got your problem solved.

  • Ryan Wiancko

    GENIUS!! You are a bloody genius!!  I’ve had it up to my ears with people saying to either reboot or delete the entire directory(and LOOSE 5 years of chat history).  You my friend drilled right down into the problem with a microscope, found exactly where the lock was originated from and then killed it at it’s source.. Man, you rock.. I’m blogging all about yuo and this solution today

  • Ramesh

    Thanks to your help.

  • Haodemon

    Thank you.