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  • Anonymous

    WOW – amazing – just installed on my N950 and finally have Skype :)

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff Joao, I saw you tweeted it on the #n950club hashtag channel, while I’m sticking to #n950 #n9 #harmattan :> https://twitter.com/#!/lkraav/status/142268102833487873

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  • http://dragly.myopenid.com/ Svenn-Arne Dragly

    Thanks for the tip!

    After adding the deb line to the n9.list, apt-get upgrade wants to update the kernel and kernel-flasher packages. Is there any difference between the kernel for N9 and N950? I took the safe route and commented out the list after installing, after which apt-get upgrade no longer wants to update the kernel. Just wanted to give a heads up in case inadvertently upgrading to the N9 kernel could cause any damage.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely DO NOT replace your N950 kernel. As a matter of fact, I would not replace *any* system packages with stuff coming from N9 repo unless you have googled it and confirmed somehow that it’s safe. Commenting the repo out after installing Skype or other safe’ish stuff is the way to go.

  • Ross

    do you think this works with N9 tha does not have included skype?

  • http://twitter.com/JosueGimenez Josué Giménez

    Hey guys i tried to install skype with your steps but my N950 say that can´t find the Skype package previously I installed the app n9twek trying to intalls or enable skype do you think that is thatt app the problem? please help me!

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  • lkraav

    i have not encountered an N9 that does not include skype. other than that, it should work just fine.

  • lkraav

    unless you pastebin some logs, i don’t think anyone is going to pay much attention.

  • lkraav

    Thanks Ben for the libdmtx0 tip, it actually didn’t hit me immediately this could be the solution when I tried installing MeeScan from the store.

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  • José Eduardo S. C. Xavier


    get this error :s Can anyone help me? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    hmmm, this is new to me. i also haven’t performed this installation for a while, things may have changed somewhat in the meanwhile.

  • Red Naxela

    i just reflash my N950 to pr1.2, i wana include ur skype update in my N950. After ur skype installation, there several update notifications pops up. Is that ok to install other updates like twitter, nokia link accuWeather, music store, nokia drive, nokia store, maps, facebook and AP mobile?

  • rhk

    Did this. A year ago it worked OK and everything was smooth. However now I’ve reflashed and did this a couple of times and yes, N950 tries to upgrade apps from N9 repository and this causes problems. In my case: loss of password storage, loss of device lock, warnings (warranty expired, faulty firmware etcetc) when booting and now it looks like that it won’t boot at all.

    So after installing Skype it might be good to remove the repository and run apt-get update again so N950 won’t download other stuff from that repository..

    However thanks for pointing out how this works!

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