So after Twitter Tools is reportedly malfunctioning on a number of sites, including mine, and doesn’t so far support URL shorteners and themsuch, I’m switching to WP-to-Twitter according to this

@davidcshepherd cool. i for one have PlantUmlPlugin hooked up to #Trac works beautifully in reply to davidcshepherd # @davidcshepherd #plantuml has been around for ages and it's totally free #

@tambetm right, just about to run into that with porting #conboy to #n950 #harmattan in reply to tambetm # @tazio_c it's more complicated than that. i think it still make

European Parliament Free Software User Group # @janno leave it to @janno to have a solution to all life's problems in reply to janno # @knarusk maybe directly correlated

Python-based Gallery web applications? – Stack Overflow, anyone know any more? # My top stories today at via @borovsky, @thp4, @Skype # We want Nokia to keep MeeGo

@jkaljundi i'm in nyc, wanna get lunch tom somewhere manhattan? # no wait, that was just nowitzki shooting threes #nba #mavs # confirmed ufo sighting in several countries across the

(y) from me: untangle your life with AppleCore cable managers # I've been using Airbnb and love it! Save $25 on your next trip if you sign up now:

I'm at Second Cup (220 Yonge St, at Queen St (in Eaton Centre), Toronto) # @_karora some rolling or expiry system for ratings probably makes more sense, compared to

Giving a chroot its own hostname with chname | The Site of Mike # @evclay what you got playing? what do you got setup for audio right now, the