N950 tip: run ranger, Pythonic vim-inspired file manager

Harmattan has Python 2.6.6, so ranger can run here, as opposed to N900 with Python 2.5.

Find address for latest tgz-ball. Unpack.

$ devel-su
Password: rootme
# cd hut-ranger-<hash>

We can’t execute scripts directly because of aegis, so just run the script into python.

# python ./setup.py install --optimize=1 --record=install_log.txt
# exit

This will install ranger into /usr/local and exit root shell. Now we also can’t run ranger directly because of aegis. Let’s set up an alias for this. Busybox needs $ENV to specify a startup script for it’s built-in ash.

$ vi .profile

Append “export ENV=$HOME/.bashrc” somewhere. Sure, why not “.bashrc”, we’ll be ready as soon as a working bash package gets finally built.

$ echo "alias ranger='python /usr/local/bin/ranger'" > .bashrc

Here’s a screenshot of ranger on N950. Just delicious, surely tastier than mangos.